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by Doomed and Disgusting

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Atmospheric Horror Metal and eerie Soundtracks like No Other!
The Sounds Of Pipe Disturbing Pipe Organs and Occult choirs meet the Power of Heavy Metal Music


released April 11, 2015

All Musical Written by Dave Slave.
All Musical Instruments by Dave Slave



all rights reserved


Dave Slave Australia

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Track Name: The Funeral Director
Alive or dead Your fate's been chosen
Frying crematorium or have you frozen, or..
Thrown into the dirt with the fucking maggots
A Funeral is set a prayer is spoken..

1-foot 2-foot 3-foot 4..digging away to the burial floor
5-foot 6-foot dig no more,Stop that knocking on the coffin door.

Alive or dead your put into a coffin
Mortician of the underworld out to plant your soul
Ancient burials in a tombstone garden
A prayer is said it's, believed your dead

1-nail 2-nails 3-nails 4 ..hammered down on that coffin door
1-breath 2-breath 3-breath 4 ..time for rest no breath no more.
Track Name: Evil Cathedral
There's a Full Moon in the Sky as the clock Strikes Midnight
The sound of Howling Wolves Barking at The Moon
Moonlight shines on the olde Graveyard on the hill,
The Church in the olde Graveyard comes to life again

What's behind those stained glass windows?
Candlelit shadows and Priests saying versus
What's inside that Sandstone steeple, silent screams
and priests saying versus

Is this mortal life or a product of the dead?
Limbo Ghosts Playing with my Head
Track Name: Eve Of Evil
The sky is grey, the moon is black on the eve of doomsday,
Angels in white with a grey disguise on the eve of a holocaust.
Historical bats spread their wings on the eve of evil,
Prayers are said for the upcoming dead it"s the night before black mass

On the eve of doomsday
On the eve of a holocaust
The Eve of evil
The night before black mass

Body's shall rise with a twitch of an eye on a doomy stormy doomsday
Angels falling from the skies, Oh god of thunder
Feed me bread then cut of my head on a dark and stormy doomsday
Or drink this wine for the very last time on a bloody holy doomsday